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What is the relationship between the AMBER™ Program and

There is no direct relationship between the AMBER™ Program and The AMBER™ Program is coordinated nationally by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) and supported by The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), visit and, respectively. is a privately-held company providing support to state AMBER™ Programs by providing the Law Enforcement Alerting Portal, LEAP, at no cost. The DoJ and NCMEC are the authorities on the AMBER™ Program. is a technology company supporting the program by providing our LEAP technology to state law enforcement agencies and AMBER™ Controlling agencies at no cost. Additionally, Amber Alert GPS, a sister company of, developed an award-winning gps device designed to make the world a safer place for kids and give parents greater peace of mind.  The proceeds from the sale of the Amber Alert GPS device fund the operations of, including the provision of the LEAP system to state law enforcement. Utilization of the LEAP technology by State law enforcement does not constitute an endorcement by such agencies, DoJ or NCMEC of Amber Alert GPS or its products or services.

Is a government entity?

No. is a privately held technology company providing alerting technology and services to law enforcement agencies for the issuance of AMBER™ alerts.

Who owns ? is privately held by Alert GPS Holdings, Corp.

How is funded?

Amber Alert GPS provides 100% of the funding for, most of which comes from revenues generated by the sale of Amber Alert GPS’s products and services, including it child gps device and its smartphone application for teenagers.”

Does charge State Law Enforcement Agencies for its alerting technology and support services?

No. provides the Law Enforcement Alerting Portal (LEAP) technology, along with service, support, training and maintenance, to State Law Enforcement Agencies at no cost.

What states utilize the alerting portal? is the Primary Alerting Partner for Utah, Tennessee, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, Rhode Island, Oregon and Washington. is a Secondary Alerting Partner nationwide. Individuals can sign up to receive AMBER™ Alerts from nationwide.

Is there a charge for set up or training for the states?

No. sets up the systems, and provides training, maintenance and technical support at no cost.

What tech support is available for L.E.A.P.? provides 24-hour live technical support for both the training environment and the operational/live portal used for alerting.

Does plan to expand to other states?

Yes. It is our goal to become the Primary Alerting partner for every state.